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2769P Japanese Silk Bondage Rope, Purple

Can you feel the temperature rising? It's about to bring forth twenty-five feet of sexy soft bondage rope!

Our wonderfully useful 5/16" thick colored rope is a braided poly blend with a soft yet durable core. It feels so sexy to be bound in a whole roll for some exciting fetish rope bondage bliss!

There are so many ways to be bound with it. So, you should make sure to get more than one if you're planning some elaborate ties. You want to make sure you have enough rope to tie the wrists, arms, legs, ankles, breasts...everything! Oh, you can really get creative with your dom/sub on how your sexy rope game will go.

This fantastic rope will keep you preoccupied for weeks as you learn new ways to tie and be entertained for years to cum! Tie your lover beautifully and enjoy the results of their helplessness. (Remember to add other bondage gear like gags or blindfolds and masks to intensify your playtime. *wink*)

Available in several colors, make sure you see them all. Purple is a unique color and would go well if you're planning some unconventional ties. There are so many pretty and sexy ways to be tied!

Strictness Rating: 1.00 - 5.00 depending upon usage.

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