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7826DL Raise the Bar Posture Bar with Locking Collar and Wrist Cuffs

A posture collar isn't always enough, especially if you're as unruly as I can be sometimes. So when I saw this Raise the Bar Posture Bar with Locking Collar and Wrist Cuffs, I knew I would end up in it! Mainly because I ordered it, but that's another story... Basically, I wanted it and I'll bet you will too!

This sturdy steel bar comes with loops on each end with attached adjustable leatherette cuffs that lock your slave securely into place. The adjustable locking collar is securely attached, lockable and ready for even the wildest slave. So, bring it on!

Because this wonderful sets allows only very limited movement, it's perfect for slave training or for just showing your slave who is really in charge. (not that I would know anything about that...) The locking cuffs and collar both use hasp-style closures (like a D-ring and button hole), all three of which can be locked shut with any our beautiful padlocks. (Padlocks not included, sold separately.)

For a perfect night of fun, you can even add a ring or open gag and you'll have the perfectly postured "serving" slave!

The posture bar is 19 3/4" in length for a straightened posture and the wrist cuffs are 2" wide and are widely adjustable with a fit from 5 1/2" to 8 1/2". The collar is also 2" wide and fits necks from 13 1/2" - 16".

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Strictness Rating: 3.5