594LB Red Hot Open Eyes Spandex Gwen Style Hood

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Designed in true bondage and fetish style, this Red Hot Open Eyes Spandex Gwen Style Hood allows your lover to be anyone you want. The design makes it perfect for fun and naughty erotic fantasies for the both of you.

The fun thing about hoods is they really bring out the play factor in bondage. It’s not only about being someone new for a few hours, it’s about creating an entire new excitingly exotic scene.

The open mouth is perfect for oral service and the open eyes allow you to look deep into your lover’s eyes while they pleasure you. That is, if you like the look of the wide eyes and a mouth full of... fun. *wink*

Role play is enhanced in a snap, as it transforms your lover into a very mysterious stranger if you love that type of fantasy. The very comfortable spandex stretches snugly and fits quite perfectly on your sub's head, fantastically fitting with ease. You can match it with the BDSM apparel we offer to complete the illusion.

With this on your sub, you'll be able to heighten sensual exploration you've never tried before!  Play with them with one of our vibrators and watch the hood conform to their facial features as they contort with pleasure.Or try out some of our matching red leatherette bondage gear for a play session you'll never forget.

The Red Hot Open Eyes Spandex Gwen Style Hood is made from a high end black spandex which has a soft and sensual feel. It's a great choice for beginners trying hoods for the first time.

Strictness Rating: 1.5

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