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7390AX Red Hot Open Mouth Shiny Spandex Slave Hood

Open wide and say OOoooohhhhh - that's HOT! *wink*

This beautiful hood offers the perfect, stretchy bit of kinkiness you’re both going to love! Whether for oral service or gagging, its open mouth hole calls for your favorite treatments - or services.

Your new Red Hot Open Mouth Shiny Spandex Slave Hood will stretch to fit perfectly and it’s exquisitely shiny too. It’s easy to wear, even for beginners who may be a bit nervous about wearing a hood because it’s so soft and easy to breathe through as well.

It's skintight yet comfortable, so your sub can look erotic with ease. Form meets function. This hood not only makes your sub look good, it effectively deprives them of their sight but exposes their mouth to all kinds of fun. *wink* Just imagine all the fun you could be doing without them knowing it. It's sinful delights in the dark that both you and your slave will love!

It can easily slip over heads of different sizes for the perfect fit. You can improve role play, use it to shroud their vision or hide their identity with ease. It's a definite level up to your usual BDSM sessions. While they are hooded, you can taunt them with dildos in their exposed mouth and a variety of sensory toys across their expectant bodies.

You can also pair this with any gag - a ball gag, a pump gag, a ring gag...what's your favorite?

So which will it be? Service? Or a gag? Or both? *wink*

Strictness Rating:   1.5