208AE Ring My Bells Pink Belled Nipple Clamps

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Get your Belle a pair of these awesome clamps for her fantastic pair!

Imagine doing her doggie style while she's wearing these - your jingly Belle will jingle all the way to an orgasm!

Girls, let your girls do the talking! (Especially helpful if you're already gagged!)

Give a shake to ring these bells and he'll ring yours too - if you know what I mean! Just a pinch and he'll give more than an inch towards an earth shattering climax. Our Ring My Bells Pink Belled Nipple Clamps are the perfect acc-sex-ory to playful, rowdy, HOT sex!

Sex is all about sensations and our Jingle Belles Adjustable Belled Nipple Clamps provide just that, a completely new sensation for your lover during sex.

These nipple clamps are beautiful at the same time practical. The gleaming chrome silver color tipped with pretty pink rubber is beautiful and sexy. Add to all this a fun little jingly bell at the tip of each and you'll have lots of fun making your sub jingle those bells for you!

The easy to use thumb turn screws allow you to adjust the width of the clamp open and close for a comfortable (or not-so-comfortable) pinch on your lover's nipples. Start out with a nice light grip, then as your lover comes closer to climax you can tighten the nipple clamp to send them over the edge in waves of ecstasy.

Another thing I like about the Ring My Bells Pink Belled Nipple Clamps is they can fit various sized nipples since you screw them in place. This adjustability means you'll be able to screw any place with these nipple clamps on and not just have your lover lie down so their nipple clamps stay on. It lets you do a reverse cowgirl to doggie style. Once you have tightened the clamp over the nipple, they will stay on.

The full length of each Ring My Bells Pink Belled Nipple Clamps is 2” with the actual clamp giving you 1 inch of pinch.

They're not only best for your perfectly pretty in pink pet slave girl, but for feminizing male slaves too!

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Strictness Rating: 2.0 - 4.0

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