1437R Shorty Steel Chastity Device

The Shorty Steel Chastity Device will make sure he won't be hard without your permission. Your permission comes in the form of the key you hold. And he won't cum in any form without it!

The perfect way to lock your Boy Toy up and keep him in his place is with our Shorty Steel Chastity Device. The tight squeeze as he is fitted into the steel locking chastity will thrill and delight you. The slit end allows your bondage slave to use the bathroom during his bondage cock training.

The middle has openings for ventilation for long term wear, but it also allows sadistic minded Dom/mes to lick, suck or even just tickle his throbbing, restrained cock. You literally have the keys to his cock. It’s all yours - and that's just the way you like it.

This Shorty Steel Chastity Device is a slightly curved mini 2” long cage with a form fitting (that shaped head is sexy!) tapered diameter of 1 3/8” of throbbing and intense sensual pleasure and the thick cock ring that holds it all in place is an equally restraining, small 2" inside diameter.

Orgasm control and denial has become far more popular with today's women who demand their man be controlled and ready to please them. Erotic sexual denial has been shown to keep a man's sexual energy and interest at it's peak, resulting in more intense and pleasurable sex for her - and ironically for him too!

Edging is a practice whereby the Dom/me brings the male slave to the constant edge of orgasm and denies that orgasm until she is first satisfied herself, increasing his efforts to please her until he is allowed to cum. When he is finally allowed to cum, which is not always that night because this is sometimes a prolonged tease and denial, it further intensifies the actual orgasm to the point of being absolutely unforgettable. Forget "Tantric" sex, the newest buzz is chastity, edging and orgasm control and orgasm denial!

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

Strictness Rating: 4.0

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