1481M Silicone Anal Mini Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug, Purple

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If you've never tried anal play, then the Silicone Anal Mini Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation.  

Our Silicone Anal Mini Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug features a slim tapered tip for easy entry and a flared shaft that helps hold it in place. At the same time, it delivers powerful vibrations to just the right spot from its whisper-quiet motor. Use the buttons on the remote control to cycle through 10 powerful functions including slow, medium and fast, throbbing, tapping and variations.

Now, I can't guarantee your silence when using this. Remember to put on a gag. You wouldn't want to wake the kids or give your neighbors more reason to be jealous (or do you?) *wink*

The flanged base ensures it won't slip too far inside and the thin portion of the stem at the base helps keep this in place even when activities become more vigorous. Try filling yourself with the Silicone Anal Mini Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug during other sexual stimulation and you'll climax harder than ever before! It's sure to rock any beginner to the core and satisfy any BDSM expert. 

Be sure to use plenty of lubricantor one of our special numbing Anal Lubricants for an extra wet and wild encounter! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with a spritz of ourantibacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Getting poke in your backdoor is a breath of fresh air. While this butt plug is inserted, you can also enjoy a really good spanking while you're tied up!

Insertable Length: 3.25 in. (8.25 cm)
Width: 1 1/8 in. (2.86 cm)

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