9338P Sir Richard's Silicone-Based Much Better Than Spit Lube, 3.4 oz.

The key to a safe and pleasurable sexual experience is always lubrication, whether it’s naturally by the body or specially formulated like our Sir Richard's Silicone-Based Much Better Than Spit Lube.

This particular lubricant is silicone-based and definitely body-safe! A great quality that makes silicone-based lubes so popular is that they are one of the safest formulation to use with sex toys (from dildos to strap-ons, and vibrators) and also condoms (since they prevent ripping and breakage).

Always remember that lubrication is not just to help prep your body pre-intercourse but more importantly it's useful to reduce friction, ease penetration, and to ensure a comfortable and even more enjoyable erotic experience with your lover or your favorite sex toy! Make sure to always have a bottle or two handy as you never know when the mood will strike ;)

**Silicone-Based Lubricant - 3.4 oz.

Silicone lubricants are latex-safe and generally toy safe but they are not recommended for use on sex toys that are also made of silicone. Check out our water-based alternative instead!

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