7072A Sissy Boy Locking Pink Leather Chastity Device Belt with Steel Chastity Ring

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You know your boy toy needs this strict chastity so he can't toy with himself - only you are allowed access to his cock. You do own his cock after all, right? Our Sissy Boy Locking Pink Leather Chastity Device Belt with Steel Chastity Ring is the perfect base for turning many of our steel cock chastity devices into a locking leather belt style steel chastity device. Just add your own device to the captive ring on this locking leather belt and his cock is off limits to anyone but you.

Lots of requests have brought the Sissy Boy Locking Pink Leather Chastity Device Belt with Steel Chastity Ring style belt to our male chastity offerings and it's not hard to see why. In fact, it won't be hard at all when he's locked away in his chastity and attached to this belt! Our Signature Hot Pink leather color seemed to be just the thing you needed to feminize him and show him his place. You're welcome, Mistress!

This sexy chastity is just the thing for your naughty boy. His cock will be entirely encased in whichever steel chastity you choose from the list below and will then be totally inaccessible to him.

The steel chastity is not included, but accepts any of the following devices:

  • 6934AR      Zero Escape  Steel Locking Cock Cage with Detachable Sound
  • 6981AR      Get Bent Stainless Steel Locking Cock Cage Chastity
  • 7037AR      Hard Evidence Shorty Steel Chastity Device
  • 7155AR      Night Cap Locking Penis Chastity Set
  • 7324AR      Cruel Mistress Locking Cock Cage Chastity With Dual Adjustable Urethral Spreader Sounds
  • 7372AR      Crown of Thorns Locking Cock and Ball Rings Device
  • 7375AR      Penal Code Locking Male Chastity Cage
  • 7378AR      The Wire Locking Cock & Ball Chastity Set
  • 7379AR      The Gladiator Steel Locking Cock & Ball Chastity Set
  • 7380AR      Points of Intrigue Locking Penis Plug Chastity with Spiked Penis Cage

    Your steel penis chastity is attached to the steel base ring attached to the chastity itself. You choose the chastity base ring size included with the belt. Select from a small 1.5" solid steel ring or a medium size 1.75" solid steel ring,  making this set very strict indeed.

    The waist strap and the through-the-crotch strap both lock on so the only way he'll be getting any satisfaction or relief once his chastity is attached is with your permission. Now that's power! Choose the locks for his new belt from our wide selection of sexy padlocks here. It accepts 2 padlocks, so its good our locks are keyed alike.

    Our chastity belt is adjustable for the perfect fit in two sizes. After all, nothing says you care about his enforced chastity quite like the perfect fit! And nothing will humiliate him more than sissifying him with our gorgeous feminizing bondage gear either...like a penis gag!

    We just love this color and we know you will too. That's why we've made it easy for you to select all the matching Hot Pink Leather Bondage Gear from our complete collection. Create your perfect bondage playtime matched set!

    One Size waist belt fits from 30" - 38", Plus Size waist belt fits from 43" - 52".

    Strictness Rating:   5.0

    **Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

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