7335RS Slap & Tickle Black Slapper Paddle

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Give your naughty Pleasure slave a deliciously kinky slap on their bare ass with our Slap & Tickle Black Slapper Paddle for some sweet sensual discipline and erotic fun!

This gorgeous black slapper-style paddle is bound to be your new best friend in the play room, no doubt about it! Whether you're at the giving or receiving end of it, every playful and passionate strike will give you the most intoxicating feeling of both pleasure and pain! The fleece-padded end of the paddle measures to full 6" long and 2" wide. It is just the right size to let the sensation spread onto a larger surface area of the skin to ensure a comfortable and even more pleasurable experience. The flat paddle narrows down ever so slightly towards the end to a handle measuring 7.5" long and 1" wide for a nice firm grip even during the raunchiest affairs.

Have your sub (or yourself) blindfolded, gagged as well as cuffed by the wrists and ankles while you're getting a good spanking

As always, when playing with such toys, make sure to test it on yourself first (or even on a pillow) before using it on anyone else so you can understand the different strokes and intensity it can produce. This practice will greatly ensure a fun and comfortable experience not only for you but also for your partner ;)

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For more information, please see our Whips, Crops & Paddles FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 4.0

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