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2356AE Small Jennings Style Mouth Spreader Medical Fetish Open Gag

This version of our fantastic Jennings style open mouth gag is smaller than the original. For this reason, it actually becomes more comfortable and easier to wear. Plus, the benefits of this medical fetish mouth gag are obvious. (I don't think I have to even give you any hints as to what to do with this gag, but honey and sucking cum to mind...along with about a hundred other things!)

You're probably wondering why no straps...well, I thought about adding some, but they'd only get in the way. The design of this gag with its two flanges fitting behind the teeth is such you won’t be able to get it out anyways. Well, it's not as if you’d want to! It stays put until your Master or Mistress releases it!

The ratchet adjustment allows for many comfortable (but spread wide!) positions and easy application and removal - by the Dom/me! It's an amazing gag with some great uses while you are collared and bound in rope!

For more information, please see our Gags FAQ.

This medical fetish mouth gag is 4.75" wide and opens the mouth fully to 1.25".

Strictness Rating:  1.0 - 3.5 Depending on adjustments