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628P Squeeze N' Please Nipple Suckers

Your delicious nipples deserve attention, so you should give them exactly that. Get your nipples pumping with pleasure with our Squeeze N’ Please Nipple Suckers! Aptly named because they are designed to suck and pleasure you or your sub.

Simply squeeze the pump before placing the opening over your nipple. Releasing the pump creates a powerful vacuum suction that makes it remain in place until your desired perk is reached.

The soft pump creates a gentle vacuum, teasing and tugging your most sensitive areas. A quick pinch releases them to let you to take advantage of your lover's heightened arousal. These suckers are also great for solo use but even better with a partner!

The suction toys feel amazing while they're on, but it doesn't end with that. Taking them off will lead to the most passionate of play sessions. The intense nipple sensation heightens sensitivity, which all breast play lovers will enjoy. It's the simplest way of increasing arousal by teasing your sub's perky nipples.

Be sure to see our selection of Nipple Clamps for something to attach to your newly enlarged and sensitive nipples! You can also explore breast play further with weightselectro-stim, and vibrations! We have everything you need to satisfy your fetish fantasies.

Use a little lubricant around the edges of the suckers to ensure a nice, tight seal for super-pumping!

Includes a FREE love mask blindfold!

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