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7386O Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum

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Playing Doctor is one of the most creative and fun ways of exploring your lover's body. Hence, it’s a favorite fantasy of many. Now, you can enjoy the same role-playing fantasy in the comfort of your own home with this Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum. For years, men have dreamt of putting on a lab coat and telling a woman to spread their legs for them. It's guaranteed to instantly make her feel very vulnerable and open to you. 

This very vulnerability is what many women find to be such a turn on. It's not the idea of sitting on that table - it's the complete helplessness and exposure that gives it that thrill. It's a feeling of being told to do so (even though you're a good girl) and be taken complete control of. 

So doctor, spread your patient wide open with the vaginal speculum and get more personal and domineering than ever before! Next, get out your trusty nipple clamps (not included, sold separately) and pinch her perky nipples while you perform other pleasure procedures. You’re going to give house calls a whole new meaning! 

Your medical sex fantasies will never be the same again once you give your patient her first OB-GYN (that's Open Bondage) exam! Explore your deepest desires and give your partner the ultimate prescription for arousal and pleasure! 

The handle is 2" long with an insertable length of 3.75". It has a closed diameter is ¾but when fully spread extends to a 5” diameter. 

Remember to select a high quality lubricant for this wonderful toy and our Toy Cleaner for quick and easy cleanup after the fun! 

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