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6985AR Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Tipped Penis Plug Sound with Removable Tip and Glans Ring

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Pleasure and Pain combine exquisitely to make this Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Tipped Penis Plug Sound with Removable Tip and Glans Ring the ultimate new toy for Mistress’s love slave. The effective and sensual tapered tip sound includes a hole in the middle to allow you to cum while wearing it. A 1 1/4" ring goes around the penis behind the head, holding the urethral sound device in place.

This Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Tipped Penis Plug Sound with Removable Tip and Glans Ring has a "cum-through" hole through the center which also allows bathroom use. There's also a removable, screw-in ball that can close off the tip. He's screwed now! *wink* The ring at the end of the device is a glans ring, designed to lodge behind the head of the penis and hold it in place.

Enhance your sensation by blindfolding your slave and then gently and slowly insert the Adjustable Length Cum Through Medium Penis Plug Urethral Sound Device with Penis Head Ring into his urethra. Slowly and sensually is the key to the ultimate erotic cock and ball torture sensations. Make him experience every small movement of that hollow sound! Be sure to use plenty of one of our quality lubricants to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

Tease the head with a vibrator and enjoy amazing and unique sensations through your entire penis from the inside out with this incredible device!

The insertable portion is 4.5" in length and 1 cm in diameter and has 3 sexy graduated teardrop shaped flares along the length. The hollow sound portion means bathroom use is possible and so is ejaculation if you can tease it out of him!

Orgasm control and denial has become far more popular with today's women who demand their man be controlled and ready to please them. Erotic sexual denial has been shown to keep a man's sexual energy and interest at it's peak, resulting in more intense and pleasurable sex for her - and ironically for him too!

Edging is a practice whereby the Dom/me brings the male slave to the constant edge of orgasm and denies that orgasm until she is first satisfied herself, increasing his efforts to please her until he is allowed to cum. When he is finally allowed to cum, which is not always that night because this is sometimes a prolonged tease and denial, it further intensifies the actual orgasm to the point of being absolutely unforgettable. Forget "Tantric" sex, the newest buzz is chastity, edging and orgasm control and orgasm denial!

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

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Strictness Rating: 5.0