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6932AR The Ultimate CBT Ball Crusher Weighted Chrome Ball Stretcher

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Make your naughty slave boy wear this The Ultimate CBT Ball Crusher Weighted Chrome Ball Stretcher and watch how quickly his attitude changes. You might even get him to do just about anything for you!

Crafted with quality chrome plated steel, this hardcore ball stretcher and crusher not only looks serious, it is serious. C&B torture at it's very best, this ingenious design is well made and ruthless fun when played with.

Designed with functionality and strict attitude training in mind, this uniquely styled high quality ball stretcher fastens together from 2 separate halves. That means no more uncomfortable and unsafe ball crushing as he pushes his balls through the stretcher. You simply line up the one side between his penis and balls and guide the other half into place, fastening the two nuts (for his two nuts!) with the included hex key wrench.

The two screws capped with hex nuts are installed facing up and the chrome ball-buster plate is drawn up from underneath, pressing his balls tightly in the press with the use of the easy to use wing nuts. He's in for some real ball-busting now!

Also, since you are in complete control, no matter how hard he pulls he won't get out. The two screw bolts allow your CBT possibilities to be nearly endless. You can even hang anything your heart desires from the bar, like additional weights (you bitch!), leashes, strapsropes, or even fasten padlocks  to them! (Weights and additional hardware not included.

...or you can use the ball stretcher ring alone without the screws, crusher bar and wing nuts if you're training or just feeling particularly generous.

The Ultimate CBT Ball Crusher Weighted Chrome Ball Stretcher weighs a whopping 1/2 pound (8 oz) and measures at 1 1/4" inner diameter. This is a very weighty toy! The widest space between the weighted ring and the crusher bar is 2.5" wide. 

Strictness Rating: 5.0+

<I>This item is made from Stainless Steel.</I>