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8836HS Tie In Wrist Muff Cuffs with attached Ankle or Elbow Cuffs Set

Hurry! Only 3 left in stock!

It's the perfect "tie-in" to your playtime! This wonderful set is perfect in it's simplicity as function follows form. The Tie In Wrist Muff Cuffs looks great and does a great job doing it.

You can use it in two ways:

- As a hogtie set. Use the "muff" portion for your sub's arms as shown in the pictures, then the two smaller cuffs on the ankles for a great hogtie set.
- As a bondage cuff set to make sure your sub can't remove their arms from the muff cuff. Plus, place the two smaller cuffs around their elbows so they can't spread their arms wider. You can use it this way either behind the back or in front for those of us who are a bit less flexible.

You'll love this set -  whether you're the one buckling it on or you're wearing it. It's great fun to wear - pretty comfortable for a hogtie! - and really makes you helpless...a pretty fun feeling. *wink*.

Us subs will appreciate how the wide cuff fits, feels and changes your hogtied position. Grab your elbows and you'll see what's in store for you. The comfortable individual ankle cuffs allow you to spread your legs even in hogtie, so you can image how much fun this could be!

For Dom/mes, you'll appreciate how easy it is to buckle on, the way it looks on your newly helpless slave and the versatility of this hogtie set. The triple buckle muff-style wrists cuff holds a strap you can attach the buckling ankle cuffs to. The double-ankle cuff design lets you spread your submissive's legs for...well, whatever you like. *wink* A vibrator would come in handy here.

With your hands restricted by this cuff set, you're deliciously vulnerable at the front, leaving you unable to resist any intense nipple play. If you love the thought of being toyed like this, then take a look at our collection of collar and clamp sets which will absolutely send you off the edge!

High quality leatherette is durable, easy to clean and far less expensive than my leather options too!

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set!

Ankle cuffs fit 8-11" ankles.

Strictness Rating: 3.25