2361P Ultimate Bed Bondage Restraint System

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Transform your boring old bed into an erotic bondage passion playground with our Ultimate Bed Restraint System. This easy-to-install bondage set is all you need to enjoy a night of fetish and fun in your own bedroom, using the bed you already own!

You've always dreamt about being tied up to the bed posts, but what do you if your bed doesn't have any? This versatile restraint system features two large nylon strapsto wrap around your headboard and footboard to connect with 4 tethers and cuffs. Each tension strap features 6 sturdy metal D-rings allowing you to easily clip the tethers anywhere you want. You can create elaborate bondage scenarios without tying knots or using hardware. The Ultimate Bed Bondage Restraint System kit can be used with any size mattress and sets up easily in minutes.

It's perfect for beds without bed posts and can even be used on couches. The four adjustable nylon tethers feature sturdy metal clips to connect to the tension strap D-rings on one end and adjustable cuffs on the other. Simply slide the tension strap around your headboard and pull the strap until its tight, then close the self-locking clamp to keep the strap in place. Repeat the same steps at your footboard. Now, you're ready to enjoy a night of sexy erotic bondage play.

The bondage cuffs easily adjust to fit your wrists or ankles, allowing you to explore new positions you never thought were possible. Use your imagination. Remember, there's no limit to the fun or amazing orgasms you can have once you're bound in this! Just be sure to gag your sub, unless you want to be the talk of the town the next morning. *wink*

Adjustable Headboard and Footboard Straps
12 D-Rings for Hundreds of Restraint Combinations
4 Adjustable Tethers
Comfortable Wrist and Ankle Cuffs
Free Satin Love Mask

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 3.5 depending upon usage.

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