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1870G Under the Wire Steel Cable Slave Ownership Collar

Graceful, elegant, enchanting and delightfully erotic would be the perfect way I would describe our Under the Wire Steel Cable Slave Ownership Collar. This collar is the sweet piece you need to make your sweet piece all yours in private or in public!

Easily mistaken as a stunning piece of jewelry with it's delicate yet sturdy 1/8" wide diameter braided steel band, this beautiful slave collar is unbroken by a clasp or other visible connection device. The connector is a screw-together style which is hidden within the bright and shiny stainless steel bullet. Just twist the two pieces to attach or remove it. When it's screwed together completely, only a small line is visible between the two halves, giving this collar a sweet and elegant appeal.

Best of all, the Under the Wire Steel Cable Slave Ownership Collar is both so easy to put on and wear, she'll want to wear it often (check out our apparels to match this!). What a wonderful "secret" - you can enjoy your dom/sub relationship with this bondage gear ownership collar hiding in plain sight as a simple piece of beautiful jewelry!

The Under the Wire Steel Cable Slave Ownership Collar is ideal for your collaring ceremony, or just to remind your slave girl how truly loved and cherished she is. If you've never had a collaring ceremony, then this is the perfect collar for such a special occasion. A collaring ceremony is much like a wedding ceremony but it's much more private and thoroughly enchanting. You pledge your love to each other and also to your roles in the relationship. It's absolutely beautiful, meaningful, and wonderful to have if you are in a committed relationship.

The way I look at it, you have your wedding with other people to celebrate your love. However, the collaring ceremony is something just for the two of you. It's not everyday, it's not ordinary - but it's extraordinary. And to have a collar so beautiful and special that she can wear out but also play at home with is as extraordinary as the love you both share. (Can you tell that I loved my collaring ceremony? I think I cried more during it than at my wedding...it was so beautiful and meaningful!)

Available in One Size, fitting up to 13" neck or Plus Size, fitting up to an 14.5" neck.

Strictness Rating: 1.0

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