5774P Waterproof Mini Wanachi, Pink

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Enjoy soothing vibrations anywhere you go with this cordless mini massager. Powered by a whisper-quiet motor, the Mini Wanachi massager is the premier choice for revitalizing tired muscles. But I can't guarantee your silence when using this. Just remember to put on a gag, you wouldn't want to give your neighbors more reason to be jealous. *wink*

Choose a speed that's right for you and enjoy the freedom of wireless stimulation. The relaxing vibrations relieve tension and reduce muscle fatigue, giving your aching body the recharge it deserves. Among other things...*wink*

Its flexible head lets you easily get to all the right spots where you need it most. Yeah, that spot especially! Even in the water! Now's the time to get more use out of the hot tub you thought you'd use more than you have...until now. Woooo-HOOOO!

Visit our Orgasm Belts collection for a big selection of harnesses into which this wonderful little wand style vibrator will fit into. We were the originator of the "Frced Orgasm" style belt. Use this wonderful wand in what will become your favorite Orgasm Belt. Oh yes, turn this into a devilish teasing device to send your female slave into orgasm overdrive! It's perfect for home and easy to pack in your travel bag.

Clean up is quick and easy with a few spritzes of our anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water. 

Looking for something specific? Check out our vibrators collection for more great stimulating toys!

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