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Why I Started – A Love Story

My life changed forever on June 4th. Something happened and I would never be the same. On June 4th, many years ago – I met my husband. The few years leading up to this were an unfortunately monotonous relationships of boyfriends who did not fulfill me and I had little, if any connection to. Sex was boring and unfulfilling. My elusive quest for an orgasm never happened. Nor did it look like it was ever going to.

But then…love walked through the door and everything changed. When I met my husband, I knew I was going to marry him. I was young and had not dated a lot of guys, but I knew instantly he was the one. And I was right in so many ways. While I had been intimate in other relationships over the years, I had never once had, or even come close to having an orgasm. Sex suddenly became something that was fun, creative, loving and amazing! It was like having been stranded in the desert and suddenly being able to walk into a palace.

And then….whooo-hooo(!!!)…my husband who had always been dominant brought up bondage! OMFG! Just when I thought sex couldn't get any better…it DID! BY A LOT! We lost so much sleep for so many months it was amazing. The man was practically living on Gatorade in order to replenish his bodily fluids. *wink*

Being into bondage we experimented with rope but then my husband brought up that it was time for us to get some gear! "Oh goody!", I thought. And so one night we sat down at the computer and went and looked at bondage gear sites. I went from being thrilled to being absolutely horrified.

Instead of being sexy and fun…it was dark, dingy and frankly scary for a girl. Women were strung up in dungeons and not looking like they were having fun. The product descriptions were non-existent and the models looked like they either wanted to cry or kill someone.

Everything I saw conflicted with my core beliefs. Sex is fun. Sex is exciting. Add bondage and it's super sexy and super fun. But this was not what I saw or experienced. Far from it. I went from feeling happy and excited to feeling repulsed and deeply upset. Was this how it looked when we played? Was this what bondage was? Maybe that was what it was to "them", but bondage was different for me.

When my husband and I played we had an amazing time. There were giggles, sensual sighs and screams of passion. It was amazing, beautiful and frankly spiritual. Bondage helped bring order into my life by giving me a safe place to explore my fantasies. It was truly magical and it filled with love, joy, happiness and wonder.

We created to show the beauty, joy and wonder in having a fulfilling and exciting sexual relationship with your partner. Where everyone else seemed to be saying, "you are bad" for liking this, we wanted others to feel "happy, loved and supported". We were the first bondage gear site to have blogs, product descriptions detailing the product and also, I like to think…a model who really cared!

Sub-Shop was started out of a bondage rebellion. I was not just going to take someone else's opinion of what they thought I as a "woman" or as a "submissive" should have. I wanted to create something beautiful and amazing that would show the love tenderness and care that goes into a really great over the knee spanking. *wink* It was our goal to create a safe haven that made couples giggle and bring romance back.

It's been a long and winding road with a few ups and downs (you can see why I left after being "slut shamed" by the media and being grabbed in the middle of my kid's school by some asshole on Parent/teacher conference night), but I'm happy to report there have been many more Ups. And I think that is what is really important. It's never easy to be a revolutionary and do your own thing, but it is important.

Instead of bondage being dark and dingy, we have helped make it a safe, inviting, sexy and fun place for many couples. I've been able to have all the bondage gear girl a girl could ever want (my latex collection would make even Katy Perry jealous) and I get really nice letters and emails.

The best part of doing what we do, is knowing that it's made a difference. I love getting emails about how much it's helped people expand their relationship and how much it's helped them. I love hearing about how my bondage blogs made someone feel better or helped them. I love your emails about how you enjoyed your vacations much more and how happy you are. It matters to me. A lot.

I've always felt so blessed to get your emails and notes regarding how the site has mattered to you. When we came back, your comments to my blog made me cry. You were so beautiful and amazing. I love you for that. Truly. I feel so honored that what I did made a difference. It's never been about the money for me. (you can see by how low our prices are, that is 100% true!) It's about doing what I feel is right.

Sub-shop is about celebrating love and sensuality in all forms. It's about giving back and also about truly letting go. Sub-shop is about beauty, trust and happiness. It's about long sensual sighs and amazing aftershocks. It's about living out your fantasies and about being the person you have always wanted to be. The person who is happy and fulfilled. I know that Sub-Shop has changed my life for the better and I hope it has yours.

I feel so honored and blessed to share this journey with you.

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