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We strive to bring you the best of everything each and every day so that you can give your best of everything each and every night ;)

But what are REAL people saying about us?

Giving YOU the best ride of your life is not the only thing that matters to us, it’s also giving the best life to those in need.

When it comes to your sex life we know you want nothing but the best products and the best experiences. We at want that for you too. We know you have options, so thank you for spending time with us here!

We are committed to providing high-quality, *yum*-worthy BDSM gear and sex toys that you’ll love and also help cancer patients, veteran’s health, support the LGBTQ community, autism advocation and research and so much more – that’s what we are at Every single purchase you make creates a ripple effect not only to the BDSM community but to more lives, too.

Information And Education

From our beginnings, we’ve always believed in acceptance and education. We have always been dedicated to take the time to be sure you have all the guidance you need in your journey. It can be difficult to ask questions: “How do I measure for a cock cage?” “How tight is too tight for a breast binder?” “How long can I safely leave a plug inserted?” So we’ve taken the time to create and curate a number of articles to assist you. We also feature members of the BDSM community in our Real People, Real Bondage interviews, because we know it’s people just like you who have made us who we are today and we appreciate you all. And let’s not forget Ask Autumn, where our customer’s questions get answered for the whole class to hear.


Sex is fun! Shopping for sex toys and gear should be fun, too! That’s why we’ve launched our Autumn’s Naughty Name Game and Sex (Me) Up! Contests so that you can have more fun while hanging out on our site. Check out how you can participate and win prizes! By the way, have you seen our Twitter account? All of our winners will be featured there so give us a follow at @Subshop_Autumn and you may see your submissions (or your submissives ;) ) in our feed!

Love and Acceptance

Let’s say it loud and proud: WE LOVE YOU! We are here to provide support, love and a safe place for the members of the BDSM community all over the globe to explore and grow. The BDSM community is wonderfully unique and we fully embrace one another’s similarities, differences (and especially your kinks!) to create a welcoming, safe, fun and exciting environment. We are honored to be a part of this wonderful world. Everything we do, from our Customer Service to our ever-updating stock of toys and goodies, is to show our love and appreciation for you!

So the next time you can’t clean the lube off a fox tail butt plug or you need help picking the right Ballet Heels to please your Master for your anniversary, or you aren’t sure whether you’re a pony girl or a kitten and need advice, drop us a line here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Charitable Donations

We strongly believe in giving back. We give portions of our sales to charitable organizations that support causes we hold near and dear. Through our Autumn Cares program, we give to The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign, Autism Speaks, The Wounded Warrior Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, The Autism Society, Goodwill Industries, Multiple Sclerosis, The American Cancer Society, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, The American Lung Association and many, many other organizations that support everyday people who are in need.

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