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Inclusive Sexuality

We believe in Healthy Sensual Self-Discovery
We believe that understanding our bodies and fulfilment of sexual pleasure is the key to unlocking our progress as individuals, in romantic relationships and as an inclusive society. By encouraging safe, sane and consensual sexual self-discovery. We encourage you to explore your fantasies and to have the
stimulating sex life you always dreamed of. We believe in giving every adult the opportunity to experience sexual well-being and personal fulfillment. We believe that sex is more than a physical act. We believe that sex can heighten and bring
forward new and powerful communication, trust and desire between partners.

Inclusion is Sexy
We believe that every adult should be able to discover their sensuality and the pleasure it provides. Therefore, our sexual wellness devices, which include the most inclusive range of devices available to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age and gender are designed to meet
every your sensual desires. Since 1997, we have made your daydreams come true and we love supporting you. We believe that each person is different and each sensual journey should be honored as an exploration of love (and lust!) and desire. We hope we dare you to fantasize about new things that may inspire a wonderful evening or even a weekend “sexcation”. We want you to feel inspired, supported, cared for and loved. No journey is the same and we honor that as well. As always, keep it safe, sane and consensual but most of all….keep it saucy.

Making Monogamy Sexy Since 1997!
Since 1997, we have pledged to make our online community feel safe, loved, cared for and supported. We want to encourage couples to play and explore while deepening their relationships. We want you to talk, laugh, explore and dare yourselves to live the most authentic and meaningful life as possible. We
believe that sensual fulfillment within a committed relationship is a big part of happiness. Tempt, taunt and tease your partner while fulfilling your deepest desires.

Our pledge to you on in 1997 is still going strong!

Tantalizing Hot Sex Strengthens Relationships
It is our core belief that a couple who “plays together, stays together”. We want to encourage you to talk about your fantasies with your partner. We want your relationship to deepen with yourself and also your partner. Anyone Who Says Good Sex is Not Important….HAS NEVER HAD GOOD SEX *wink*

Sexual Positivity = Higher Self Esteem & Better Relationships
Since 1997, Sub-Shop.com has been leading the conversation on positive sexual health and kink education. As part of our mission, we offer free sexual education, high quality adult products and bondage gear. We are honored to have you as a guest in our safe, friendly and non-judgmental online community. We want you to empower yourself to explore new ideas, sensations and fantasies with your partner. Expand and grow your relationship with powerful and meaningful sex which deepens and enhances trust, love and sensual pleasure.

We respect and value every guest.
You are important and we are glad you are here. Here is a summary of what you can expect. We care about our guests and want them to be pleased with their purchases. And if you just want to visit, we welcome you explore and educate yourself and your partner of new erotic delights and sensualities to explore.
As a leader in sex education, you view our massive Kink Library which contains a vast expanse of sexual education and tantalizing content included in our blog posts, newsletters and social media accounts. Since 1997, it has been our objective is to establish a welcoming, judgement-free community where any adult can ask questions in regards to sexuality and learn more about what may give them personal fulfillment. We continue to advocate for freedom of self-expression, healthy sexuality and mind-bending orgasms with 2 days of aftershocks of sensual joy and pleasure.

How We Select Our Products:
We select only the highest quality adult toys, bondage gear, lingerie, lubricants and other sensual goodies for our online community. We believe that quality and authenticity are the key to fulfilling sensuality and we want you to explore your desires with only top quality items. Since we opened in 1997, it important to us, that we have a wide variety of sensual goodies for our guests to explore their fantasies without limitations. We want you to feel that whatever your kink is, it
is okay and that you are okay. We are all individuals and our sexuality is an individual and very personal experience. It has been our goal to tease, titillate and support you in your journey of personal sexual fulfillment with complete confidentiality. Our product lines are vast and varied because we listen to you. We add the items you request and want to explore. We select our items with quality, care and sensuality in mind. We always encourage you to explore what delights you and have your “safe word” ready.

Sub-Shop.com has been making shopping for Bondage, Fetish and Adult toys safe, comfortable, easy and fun for hundreds of thousands of fun people around the world.

Since our start, we've grown from just a few products in each of a few categories to the thousands of products in the many varied categories you see here today! Many of these products are based on suggestions, so please feel free to contact me with your photos and/or ideas for new products and I'll see if I can either source them or create them ourselves to add them here!

We take our business of helping you have fun seriously, and want you to enjoy your experience here.

I also want you to enjoy our service, should you choose to purchase some great new toys from us. If you have suggestions, concerns or comments, please let us know! Our intent is to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment to shop for adult material and make it fun - not shameful!

Our commitment to excellence means you'll receive service beyond typical expectations of internet or even major retailer storefront operations because we want to be anything but typical.

Sex and sexuality is supposed to be fun.

Remember - too much is never enough!

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