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Sub-Shop.com has been making shopping for Bondage, Fetish and Adult toys safe, comfortable, easy and fun for hundreds of thousands of fun people around the world.

Since our start, we've grown from just a few products in each of a few categories to the thousands of products in the many varied categories you see here today! Many of these products are based on suggestions, so please feel free to contact me with your photos and/or ideas for new products and I'll see if I can either source them or create them ourselves to add them here!

We take our business of helping you have fun seriously, and want you to enjoy your experience here.

I also want you to enjoy our service, should you choose to purchase some great new toys from us. If you have suggestions, concerns or comments, please let us know! Our intent is to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment to shop for adult material and make it fun - not shameful!

Our commitment to excellence means you'll receive service beyond typical expectations of internet or even major retailer storefront operations because we want to be anything but typical.

Sex and sexuality is supposed to be fun.

Remember - too much is never enough!


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Thank you for being our guest here at Sub-Shop.com!