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Key Steps to Being the Dominant Woman

Trying some dominant-submissive play in the bedroom is always a good idea. This is a great opportunity to have fun and experience the psychological experience of dominating someone; more than the physical aspect of things, the experience is more mental that anything else. So don’t be surprised to find some aspects about yourself you didn’t you had in you!

The first step is to have a conversation with your partner about what you want to do. Discuss some things you are willing to try and the things you are definitely not interested in doing. With that as a base, try to create a scenario where you are both comfortable enough to explore with it.

You will also need to come up with a safe word for your partner; something unusual that will make all play stop immediately. And since we’re talking about words, decide with which term your partner will refer to you. Some common used terms are Ma’am or Madame. And remember, you will punish him if he doesn’t call you by your new title…

Remember this whole thing is about you being the only being that matters and your needs will be prioritized. And not only in a sexual way, you can extend this game to other areas. You can start the night with him cooking for you, giving you a bath, washing your hair and giving you a massage…whatever you want from him. And then you can move on to the sexual part of the night…

When you’re ready to play, the first thing you need to do is to restrict him. You can use rope or handcuffs; the important thing is for them to be tied up. This will give you the power over him because well, they won’t be able to move. The next step is to put a blindfold in place. It will be deeply unsettling for them not be able to see what is going on, an important part of this scene. It will also enhance their other senses; when you take away one of your senses, the other ones will augment creating a very different experience. Remember they won’t be able to speak or touch you, but they will be able to locate you by smelling you or listening to your breaths, movements, and whisperings.

They will then basically be your little present to unwrap and play with, because they are helpless. Now, keep in mind to never move too quickly and always start slow. Starting slow and easy builds up the intensity - always keep that in mind, no matter what you are doing.

You can pull their hair when you are having sex or touching him. Or you can spank them, either with your hand or a small whip or crop. You can also make them beg in order to come and if they really like orgasm denial play, you can even incorporate chastity. You create the limits…

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