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Wanted - Video Reviews & Unboxing Videos

Do you love your new gear and want to show it off?

We are seeking virtual video reviewers and unboxing videos.

Earn a $30 Gift Card for approved video product reviews and unboxing videos!


Unboxing Video Guideline for Customers

Creating an unboxing video requires a touch of professionalism. Follow these refined steps to ensure a polished presentation:

1. Setting the Stage:

  • Select a well-lit, quiet, and clutter-free environment for filming.
  • Verify that your camera or smartphone is fully prepared.
  • Maintain a clean appearance and workspace.

2. Formal Introduction:

  • Start your video with a cordial greeting.
  • Introduce yourself professionally and mention the product's name and brand.

3. Methodical Unboxing:

  • Begin the unboxing process, carefully showcasing the packaging.
  • Share your initial observations in a structured and detailed manner.

4. Feature Highlights:

  • Point out the product's key features and specifications.
  • Explain your reason for selecting this particular item in a clear and concise manner.

Now you're well-prepared to create a professional unboxing video. Stay focused, maintain a composed demeanor, and deliver your presentation with confidence.

If you'd like more info or want to share your awesome unboxing video, just give us a shout here! We're excited to hear from you! 😊📦


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