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Autumn Cares Charitable Foundation


We believe in giving back to the wonderful community we serve!

Through our community giving donations with the support of wonderful people like you, we support charity foundations of all types including environmental initiatives, children’s charities (such as Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s Hospital and the US Marines Toys for Tots Foundation), physical and mental health foundations (like Doctors Without Borders, The Autism Society, Goodwill Industries, Multiple Sclerosis, The American Cancer Society, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, The American Lung Association and more), and women’s health, especially the fight against breast cancer.

The proceeds from every purchase of each exclusive Autumn Cares product goes directly to charity. Not just the profits from the product, but the entire purchase price. (But that doesn't mean we don't give even more!) The charity organizations we give to are carefully researched to make sure the bulk of the donations go to charitable works - not to administrators - so the donations made make the biggest difference possible.

How does it work?
We'll offer an exclusive product which is designated for a specific charity. If you want to give to a certain organization, you'll get to try a new toy or some new gear and 100% of the money you spend goes directly to that organization. It's often been said, but never has it been so true; it's easy and fun!

Which Products are the Charity Products?
You'll see them designated as "Autumn Cares" products in the title. You can also click the link from the buttons below to see the product associated with that charity and why we think that charity is important, like Autumn for Autism.  You can directly support Autumn Speaks by purchasing this fantastic ball gag, where 100% of all proceeds goes directly to Autism Speaks.

Click here to go to the links of all the charities we support. Each individual charity's page will display the product associated with that charity and can be purchased directly from that page!

When Do You Make the Donations?
All throughout the year! We're on giving schedules for many charities, so we'll add the Autumn Cares proceeds to the regular donations we make at the same time. For other charities, we will typically make those donations as they send us their donation requests.

Thank you for helping us to support these wonderful organizations and to help so many in need!

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