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The Ultimate Guide to Foreplay

Sensory Play Ideas to Rev Up Senses
If you’re looking to stimulate your partner’s (or yours!) senses, you’ve come to the right place, my love. There are plenty of different toys and instruments you can use to get those so looked after reactions in your body.
Ultimate Foreplay Guide to Blow Her Mind
Fellas, ladies aren’t nearly as hard to understand or please as you might think. We just do things a little bit differently. While some of you are ready from the word go, we need a little more to get going the way you want us to.
Safeword — What’s in a Word?
Safewords are important. They allow us to play like we’re being 'forced' into something when we’re really not! When choosing your safe word, make sure it’s a word that is easily pronounceable and easily understood, even with a gag in.
The Power Struggle
She had a lot to be proud of herself for. If one measured success in terms of material wealth, professional achievement and the respect of one’s peers then she was very successful. Yet it wasn’t in her character to exude pride. Instead, if one had to describe her demeanor, the term «subdued self confidence» would most likely come to mind. She found herself positioned on life’s fast track not so much because that was what she desired, but more because it just seemed to be the natural path for a woman of her intelligence, personality, and natural beauty.

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