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Your Ultimate Guides to Pet & Pony Play

BDSM Puppy Play FAQ About Your Best Friend
As I’m definitely sure you are interested in puppy play, I’m equally sure you must have some questions. It’s ok, we all get them wink*.
Guide to Pony Play at the Vet: A Thorough(bred) Exam
One of the best parts about pony play is playing vet. The BDSM equivalent would be medical play, so it goes along those same lines.
Bondage Play Aftercare FAQs
Aftercare involves attending to the intense physical and psychological feelings that can occur after a BDSM session, continuing that deep connection you felt.
Wax Play FAQ

Wax play can be a highly erotic and stimulating form of play if done right. This is a very sensuous form of erotic torture but it can turn into just plain torture if done incorrectly. Read on for all the information you need to do it right and make it fun!

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