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Corset Hacks for Beginners

Dressing up with a corset can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are a cross dresser or someone who is new to waist training and/or the world of corsets. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear just your corset even though it looks great with lovely garters and pantyhose wink*.) But sometimes, you do need to get dressed with actual clothes on top of your beloved piece.

As a rule of thumb, the first thing you need to do when you get your corset is to make sure the size is right and fits you perfectly. For first-timers it is best to simply gauge how it feels. You don’t want to dive into the pleasure wearing part right away. Make sure you are comfortable with it and, you are able to breathe properly while wearing it. Most of all, it doesn’t dig painfully in any place.

By its definition, corsets do cause some restriction. This means you won’t have as much flexibility as you are used to, especially the first few times you are wearing it. So, even the simplest tasks will be a bit of a challenge. Even so, it is part of the fun of this whole ordeal.

So, if you are dressing and lacing your corset by yourself, you want to start with the undergarments. Put on everything you will be using in this department. For instance, if you will use a liner with your corset, put it on first. If you will use attachable nail tips, put these on next. If you plan to paint your nails, do it first then wait for them to dry because painting them afterward may be harder.

When you are done, follow with the breast forms and bra. You want to put them on before the bra because when you are all done and laced up, putting on the forms and the bra will not be as easy as it sounds. The restriction of your movements can do quite a number on you as you look and adjust your breasts and bra. Keep in mind bending is one of the most difficult things to do in a corset. So, dress with this thought in mind, my love wink*

As said, bending is quite hard. For this reason, you want to follow up with hosiery and stockings if you will be using them. Remember putting them on involves quite a bit of bending and moving around, so get it out of the way in the beginning. Oh! If you will be wearing anklets (or anything ankle related at all… wink*) put them on ahead of time as well.

Next, you will want to put on the bottom part of your outfit. This means putting on your pants, jeans, skirt, etc. You want to get out of the way anything involving the bottom part of your body. However, if you will be wearing a dress, you can put it on after the corset because it won’t be as uncomfortable. Trust me on this… and a bunch of other things, for this matter wink*

As mentioned before, bending is incredibly uncomfortable, hence the reason why you want to follow with your shoes. Although an exception to this is if you will be using very high heels. If you do then it may be best to leave them for last, when you are all dressed and corseted up. If you use very high heels normally, then you may want to invest in a shoe horn with a long handle. Indeed, doing so can make the whole process of putting on heels while sitting down with a corset much easier.

As a general rule, remember to do first everything below your waistline area before the corset comes into the picture. Bear in mind this includes shaving your legs or applying some bronzer on them.

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