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Bigger Benefits from Using Penis Pumps

You’ve probably seen millions of penis pumps over the years and wondered why you would want to try them sometimes. “What is the point of penis pumps? Are they for me?” I hear you ask across the screen. Well, I’m here to get you to understand pumps a bit better, dear reader.

The most popular use for pumps is as a treatment of ED. These devices are a good way to treat it, especially for those who want to approach the problem in a more natural way. Penis pumps are great for those men who can use a little help when they are trying to maintain an erection. It works because pumps will aid the blood flow to the area, necessary for that particular body activity.

Pumps are great if you want to lengthen your play/sex session because they will help you get hard for longer periods of time. That is why they are also commonly used with cock rings: a really good combination to get/maintain erections. Ask anyone with some experience on that combo and see what I’m talking about wink*.

If a man starts using pumping as a regular routine, chances are their penis size will also increase. Obviously it won’t do any miracles, but you can expect your penis to look bigger if you incorporate penis pumping to your life. But here’s a tip: if you want your penis to look bigger, shave your pubic area. It will create the illusion of a bigger member. Nonetheless, keep in mind size hardly matters…it’s about how you use it wink*.

Pumps consist of three parts: the bulb, the release vault that allows the pressure to release, and the suction chamber. You will probably need some lubrication in order to avoid chaffing and it’s really easy to use; just place your penis inside the cylinder and carefully pump until you’re comfortable with the pressure. Keep in mind you never want to over pump and will always need to go slow with the pressure, especially for the first three months. Cleaning the pump it’s easy, you can do it with some soap and warm water or regular toy cleaner. Oh! And you will also need to take breaks during each session in order to avoid injuries. Yes, you don’t want any harm done to your penis…

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