Ultimate Guide to Anal Play and Butt Plugs for Beginners


Anal Play and Butt Plugs for Beginners

Thinking about introducing some anal play into your sexual repertoire?  Anal play can be intensely orgasmic, but it’s important to start out slowly. Beginning your exploration with something too big could end up being painful instead of arousing and fun. Allow yourself to relax into a whole new sensation as you explore your body and always be sure to use plenty of good lube. *wink*

For anyone considering anal play for the first time, I highly recommend working your way up to it with fingers or smaller butt plugs, usually made from silicone or latex rubber. Anal Plugs are also commonly made of glass and steel, but for beginners I recommend the earlier mentioned materials. Starting with small, slippery plugs will help to get your backside relaxed and open, allowing for you to gradually work your way up to larger sizes.

All that practice and arousal will minimize anal sex beginner’s discomfort. Yes, it is true, many beginners will feel some discomfort initially, but in the long run, it’s worth it. Anal play is stimulating in different ways than genital arousal—what, with all those nerve endings clustered in and around the anus. Who would want to miss out on experiencing all that extra pleasure?

Anal play can be for men or for women. Lots of men can reach orgasm just from pressure on the prostate, and a woman’s g-spot can be stimulated indirectly during anal arousal Also, if you’re already a member of the anal club, but you’re looking to expand your horizons with some anal toys, plugs will be an amazing addition to your sex life. Afterward, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long!

Silicone Anal Plugs are perfect for beginners because of its softer and more comfortable feeling.

Silicone butt plugs are generally recommended because they are a great starter butt plug and will help any newcomer begin to feel the glorious sensual pleasures of anal stimulation.

Once you are comfortable and Glass Butt Plugs allow for a different sensation. As the glass butt plugs can be heated or cooled.  It is stiffer and not flexible like the Silicone Anal Plugs but it’s a completely different sensation and quite popular. 

The Steel Butt Plugs are beautiful with gem tones put in the end , so your lover will look adorable in their end.  *wink*  Steel butt plugs are firm, but they also tend to offer a stronger and longer lasting anal orgasm than non-vibrating silicone butt plugs.

Ready for something even more intense?  Once you’ve had some fun with all the non-vibrating plugs, vibrating plugs will bring things to a whole other level. Want one that swirls, vibrates, and gyrates , all while you’re experiencing an intense blow job or having steamy, passionate sex with your lover? Think vibrating butt plugs  as the ultimate anal experience.  As the anal plug pushes against your G-spot or male Prostate, the vibration sends you over the edge and as you orgasm the pressure from the butt plug, allows for even more stimulation.

Wait! Before you run off too quickly (I know you want to...), don’t forget to use lubricant. Always, always use lube with sex toys, especially anal toys. There’s no reason to risk unpleasantness when there are so many wonderful lube options available right here in the lube section! Some are even designed specifically for anal play!

One more reminder: for couples beginning to experiment with anal play, communication is a must! The ass is a sensitive area, with all those nerves and tight muscles, so just take it slow and let your partner know how you’re feeling. In no time, you’ll be reaching levels of pleasure you never thought possible.