Complete Guide to Fetish Ballet Heels



Ballet Heels are the definitive fetish fashion accessory for the ultimate fetish Prima Dona. Ballet Fetish Heel Shoes are beautiful and distinctive but they can be difficult to walk in unless you have ballet experience. However, chances are you won't do much walking in your new ballet boots.

As if he'd let you out the door in your new ballet boots….more you will happily be tied to the bed.

Walking in Ballet Heels

Fetish Ballet heels were originally designed as the ultimate bondage accessory styled after the ke the ballet slipper used to do the en pointe by ballerinas. Ballet fetish heels have a distinctly high and thin heel which points you down on your toes and makes you delightfully and sensually helpless. Well, that is only you want to be. *wink*

The extreme style of the fetish ballet shoes and the fetish ballet boots does not lead to great comfort in walking however it can be managed. A secret trick is to use a bit of toe padding. If your dream of prancing around your living room much to the delight of your lover is a fantasy being made to reality, a little bit of prep work goes a long way.

Work On Your Balance

Start working on your balancing. You can take beginner Ballet Classes for Adults if you are very serious about learning how to walk in your ballet fetish heels. Other options include Yoga, Pilates or any other form of exercise which requires balance. If you feel to shy to take a class, try these basic ballet exercises to help you balance and walk in your new bondage fetish ballet heels.

Purchase Two Sizes Larger

When looking at sizing, I always suggest going two sizes larger than your average shoe size in fetish ballet heels. The ballet heels tend to run a bit narrow and also it allows you some extra comfort as your fit gets pushed down into the very tip of the toe by your body weight.

Uncomfortably Comfortable…

To help make your fetish ballet heels more comfortable put a bit of padding in the tip of your ballet fetish heels. You can use half of a cut off sock, a bit of a rag, cut out padding from an old push up bra. There are literally a lot of different ways to make your new ballet fetish heels more comfortable by your choice of padding at the tip.

Also, make sure your toe nails are trimmed down. Your toe nails do not have to be trimmed to the very stub of the toes but keep them short and make sure you have good padding, so as t keep your beautiful pedicure in place.

Always lace your fetish ballet boots tightly. If you have ballet shoes, make sure they are adjusted so they conform tightly to your foot. It shouldn't be uncomfortably tight but your fetish heels should still have a nice snug fit.

Standing in Ballet Fetish Heels

Build endurance gradually in your ballet fetish heels in ten minute increments. Even just sitting in a chair and wearing them for a few minutes will help allow your body to get used to their unique style and sensation. Build your time as you feel comfortable until you can wear the boots for longer periods of time.

Walking in Ballet Heels Exercises

Hold the back of a sturdy chair for balance the first few times you attempt to stand while wearing the ballet boot.

Walk beside someone or hold a railing for your first attempts at walking. Place the heel on the ground first and then the toe. Walk slowly and take short steps.

Limit walking in the ballet boots to no more than 30 minutes a day until the foot adjusts to the position of your ballet fetish heels or you have full proper ballet training.

Always Be Safe!

Never push yourself farther than is comfortable with ballet fetish heel training. No one knows your body better than you do and it's always best to stretch, and be mindful before practicing wearing your new ballet fetish heels.

Practice can make perfect and as you go through your exercises just think of how insanely sexy you will be to your lover. Ballet heels are called the ultimate fetish fashion accessory for a reason, it's because they TRULY ARE THE ULTIMATE IN FETISH


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