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Exclusive Designs

You may have noticed this icon throughout our site - a lot!

That's because we design most of our own bondage gear. Many of the products you see sprinkled around the 'net are based on designs we created here, especially our Orgasm Belts (formerly F*rced Orgasm Belts) and many other designs which seem to be everywhere...but only the best can be found here where they were designed and are still hand-crafted, but now in several colors of our leather, Luxe PVC and rubber too!

Because we play too, we not only come up with some of the most innovative designs (for example, our Orgasm Belts, Breast Binders, our literally HUNDREDS of styles and colors of gags - can you tell Master has a bit of a gag fetish? *wink* - our Total Control series of cuffs, the Gold Standard series and so much more), they actually WORK! :)

Why is this? Well, again, it's because we play. And just like you, we think, "Oooo - wouldn't it be cool if...". And then we make it. For you! But also for us! Which is another reason our gear not only looks great but works great too. Because we use it too!

Any designs that don't make the cut - and believe me, we test out all our designs (work, work work! lol) - go back to the drawing board for adjustments until they do work right.

So why is that important? Because we want our gear to

- Look Great
- Fit Right
- Actually Work!
- Last for a Long Time (we know that you want MORE gear in your toy box, not buying new stuff all the time to replace old, broken or worn out gear or designs that just didn't work)


From our kinky minds to your fantasy play time - we make quite the team!


Do you have an idea for an item we haven't made yet? If so, let us know here!


You just might see your idea become a reality - and see me all tied up or gagged with it too! *wink*

Let's Find Something Amazing!

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