Mind-blowing Cuckolding Scenes You Want to Try


If you often fantasy about cuckolding…welcome to the club, you’re not alone! Wink*. That one is definitely one of the most common fantasies out there, among both women and men. So, why not make it a part of your regular role playing and scenes? I hope you are sitting down, because I’m about to blow your mind with ideas such as:

    • One thing you should always keep in mind, it’s to constantly mention to your partner how sexy other men look or act; don’t shy away from saying how hot you find them! For instance, “x from work has really strong arms; bigger and sexier than yours”your friend x looks like he has a great and bigger cock than yours”
    • On that same line, describe in detail the things you want to with them or the things you would love for them to do to you. Extra points if you mention things you two haven’t done!
    • You can masturbate him or give him a prostate massage or basically stimulate him in any form while you tease him about him imagining other man having sex with you; “are you hard because I’m touching you or because you are imagining me having sex with other men?” “Does imagining me with another man turn you on or make you angry?”
    • You can also tell him he would make a good father…to another man’s kid.Mention you’d like ______ to get you pregnant and ask him if he doesn’t agree with you.
    • Add in the mix the names of men you both encounter that you think would make good bulls and how much you want to have sex with them.
    • A good scene? Keep your man in chastity for a couple of weeks (more, if you want to!), and walk all over the house in sexy lingerie or outfits you know he enjoys...or you can walk naked. Go out on your own for a night and make him give you oral sex; don’t let him cum and deny him anything sexual. Tell him if he feels like it, he can always call another man to have sex with you…you’ll be a good girl and let him watch wink*.
  • If you know your partner doesn’t like a certain man or has a competition going on with someone, tell him how much you’d like to be fucked by said man…and it would be great if they teased him afterwards about it.
  • If you want to humiliate him further, tell him how you told ______ (a girlfriend) about his cuckolding fantasies, about how much he loves when you penetrate him with a strap on or when he is in a chastity device. Tell him how she reacted to the news (depending on your situation, you can actually tell your girlfriends about it and describe their real reactions to it)
  • A great idea to tease him and keep him guessing is to get a condom, throw it away and keep the wrapping. Go out without him and when you get to him, show him the condom wrapping. Tell him you may have used it earlier when you had sex with a guy.
  • If you want to tease him further you can dress up as you would if you are going on a date. In reality you can go out with some girlfriends, but obviously he won’t know that. Tell him you have a date with a handsome/sexy/powerful man you just met; over the evening, send him texts about said man or how your night it’s going. Things like, “just met with him, looks great” “He definitely likes me” “Now he’s taking me back to his place”…
  • If you want to take it one step further, you can always go out with your man to a club and act like you’re single while he watches. Discuss beforehand with him how far are you two willing to go and then proceed! Go and dance with someone you like and get as far as the night takes you…depending on the limits this can go from kissing to rubbing to hand or blowjobs…while your man watches all of that wink*.


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