What to Look for in a Bondage Gag


Gags are extremely arousing both for the wearer as for the partner. Visually they are extremely stimulating and wearing them… well, I’m sure you can imagine what that entails, Wink*. So, as with so many things in life, there is a great variety to choose from. Where do we start?

If you want to keep your mouth open, you can always choose a ball gag. They can be as restrictive as you wish depending on the size of the ball, from smaller to larger ones. On the other hand, if you have issues keeping your mind open, you can opt for a bit gag. They can come in various and fun varieties, like penis or bullet gags. When it comes to ball gags, if you’re not sure about the size, it’s better to opt for a smaller one. Remember a smaller gag wont hurt you, but a bigger one can cause some issues. A good place to start is a gag in the 1 or 1.5 inches in diameter range.

Since you will be putting the gag in your mouth, you’ll want to think about the gag material. Silicone and plastic don’t usually have a taste, while jelly can taste strange. Leather has a strong taste and smell, but if you enjoy it, go ahead and go leather all the way, wink*. Smell is something else to consider because it will be under your nose, so if you dislike the smell of certain materials, get the gag in other one. Oh! And keep in mind some cheaper gags are made out of really cheap materials and the taste will be… not the best out there. And if you are vegan, the good news is: there are vegan options out there! Don’t let veganism hinders your gag needs, wink*.

Some gags have built in breathing holes, in case you are a bit (pun intended) reluctant about the breathing process. They are not a complete guarantee but they do help a little. Of course, you should start with smaller gags if you’re not used to and you should always breathe properly while wearing any gag; having said that, wearing one the first few times can be challenging, so those gags can be helpful.

Before you use your gag, make sure there aren’t any rough edges or excess materials that could hurt you. Another thing to keep in mind is the cleaning process. Plastic and silicone can be sterilized; with other materials, you’ll have to check. And remember to clean them after each use!

Lastly, don’t forget to discuss a safe word or sign before using one. Gags can be dangerous because the wearer accumulates saliva in the mouth and can choke easily. Also, the person wearing it has to ensure they have no trouble breathing. You should know someone who has a cold, allergies or is not breathing right, shouldn’t wear a gag; also, never cover their noses when they are wearing a gag! A warning signal could be to shake something like a pair of keys or something that makes a noise; this way the partner can know the play needs to stop and the gag has to be removed.