Wish List

Creating a Wish List is fun and easy - and exciting too!

Here's how:

 Just view the product you want to add to your Wish List. There are two ways to add all these fun toys to your Wish List: you can either click on the heart icon on the upper left of every product's main image or click the "Add to Wish List" button at the lower left of every page.

If there are size or color options, make sure you select those first before adding it to your Wish List so you can even share your Wish List with your lover and get exactly what you really want - so you can get exactly what you really want from them later! *wink*

It's just that easy!

Once you've got a product added to your Wish List, the system will ask you to Sign In or Create an Account to save your Wish List. Here's a link to Sign In or Sign Up!

Once you've signed in, it will save your Wish List to your account and your Wish List will be waiting for you the next time you sign in.






No go have fun shopping! (It's almost as much fun as playing!)


Bondage Gear




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