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Sex Toys of Steel

It’s a plane…. it’s a bird…No, it’s a steel sex toy, wink*. Steel is a wonderful material because it offers a variety of perks; it is rigid, hard and holds temperature. It’s also very easy to clean and to maintain; steel toys can last a very long time (years!) if you take good care of them. Besides, they are not porous and can be used with any type of lubricant. Now, I’m sure you are curious to know in what models they come. While vibrators are not usually made out of it, they are fabricated in a wide range of toys you might be interested in… just saying wink*.

Probably the most common type of steel toys you can find are plugs. They can come in different models, sizes and varieties; can be designed for specific points of pleasure or even more general uses. They are usually small, with a sort of rounded tip and a handle, designed for anal play. A good thing about them is they come in several sizes, so if you are a beginner, start with a small one and go from there. Some models are specifically made to massage or stimulate the prostate and they are called prostate plugs; they can also be really simple or very fuzzy with extra ridges on it. You can use them anyway you like, it’s all for anal stimulation, but it is great to achieve that looked for P-orgasm.

In the market there are also steel wands or massager. They are usually a bit longer than plugs and also come in many forms. You can find them curved, ideally for either stimulating the G spot (it’s not a myth!) or for anal pleasure; the curved design is what makes it perfect for locating those spots. Other models have balls on the wand and they tend to be multi purpose; they can be used for male and female stimulation and can be used both anally and vaginally. Those balls offer…different kind of sensations that they are definitely worth a try.

And since we are talking different, you can also find massagers and dildos that come with different perks. Some have extra ridges that are perfect for anal and vaginal pleasure and can be also used at both ends; the smaller one and the bigger one. A lot of people find playing with temperature on them amazing; the mix between the rigidness and firmness of the toy with the temperature sensation will make you full and remarkable… at least that’s what I’ve been told wink*.

For those men who like a little bit of both worlds, you can find adjustable cock rings with anal plugs attach to them. They can be very simple, just a ring for the penis and then a ball for the anus, or various balls attached to the anal portion. For women, chastity devices with anal plugs are also available and they come in different varieties as well.

Urethral sounds are also a very popular steel toy. They are usually a thin metal stick that gets inserted in the urethra for that pleasure/pain sensation. They can be plain, have small beads and some models can even vibrate. Want more? Some steel toys out there offer a urethral sound, a cock ring and an anal plug all into one. These types of combinations are quite common and you can find a great variety of toys that mix a lot of things together for maximum pleasure.

If you are a woman looking for something extra, ben wa balls might be for you. They are simply balls that you can insert in your vagina (some people use them anally!). You simply put them on and go on with your life…if you can handle the balls moving with you. They are a simple and fun way to bring a lot of pleasure to the user, trust me.

When you are ready to use your toy, remember that, although steel slides very easily, is always a good idea to keep lubrication nearby. And when you are done, with your toy, simply wash it with soap and water or rub some alcohol on it. Steel has never been more fun.

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