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Your Ultimate Guides to Steel Sex Toys

Sex Toys of Steel
It’s a plane…. it’s a bird…No, it’s a steel sex toy. Steel is a wonderful material because it offers a variety of perks; it is rigid, hard and holds temperature. It’s also very easy to clean and to maintain; steel toys can last a very long time (years!) if you take good care of them.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Steel Sex Toys
Luckily for us, sex toys exist. Even luckier for us, you can find them in a lot of materials. One material that is really popular (a lot of toys are made from it) is stainless steel. It doesn’t rust or stains like normal steel, so you can see why they are so popular. Toys made out of it are also heavier but they are hypoallergenic, non porous and can be sterilized.

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