Best Tips for Fitting a Wig

Congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of a wig.

But you will need some guidance before you can have all that much looked for fun. To begin with, as everything should start at the beginning, let’s learn how to put it on.

First, softly shake your wig to ruffle the strands. Put it in position, you will recognize the back because of the label. You will see there are some adjustable strips inside of the wig in order to get the right fit. When you are ready to put the wig on, place it on a flat surface in front of you. The idea is for you to look down inside the wig, with the back at the top. Get the wig by the ears on their side and flip it to the top of your head. Put it in place, making sure the front of the wig is exactly where your hairline begins. You can adjust it a little bit until it goes where it should be placed; you should take care of always manipulate the wig through the cap, never from the hair itself.

The adjustable tabs inside of it will allow for the wig to stay in place; it will stay firmly secured in place. Having said that, some people find they need even more support and security, for those reasons you can take some measures such as:

  • A wig gripper: it’s an adjustable headband made of a fabric that adds friction around the hairline. This will make the wig more secure and will make it stay in place without slipping (slipping is never good, right? Wink*).
  • A cushion band: a gel band that will make the piece stay where it is and will make things a bit more comfortable because it will release any possible pressure points.
  • Adhesive and tape: tape, the universal fix, ha ha. You can always use some double-sided tape or roll on adhesives to make things stay where they belong.
  • Toupee clips: you can grab a few of them, secure them to the wig and then clip your own hair as a way to make the wig stay in place.

On the other hand, some people find wigs uncomfortable. That is nonsense, by the way wink*. But there are some steps you can take in order to make things more comfortable for you and get the most out of the experience.

First, just like an item of clothing, if you get the wrong size you are going to have a bad time. That is why is important to choose the right size cap for you. Measure your head (there are several guides out there) and then get the perfect size for you ;)

Once you have gotten the right size, you can focus on making the whole process a bit easier. You can get a mesh or wig cap and wear it underneath your wig to absorb sweat; besides it will offer a little barrier between your scalp and the wig. If sweat is the problem, you can always get some of those disposable wig liners and put them inside your wig to get rid of some of the sweat (and you will probably we getting a work out wink*). Lastly, a cushion gel headband can always be used to get a bit of padding. This will be the solution if you find too many pressure points in your scalp.

Now, go ahead and get the most out of your wig, stranger.

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