Best Ways to Have Fun with Sex Kitten Wigs

Wigs are a wonderful way to step up your BDSM games…Or just as a way to spice up things in bed. They are a must if you are into role-play and cross dressing, as well as other general things (like a specific fetish! Nobody can blame you wink*). So, let’s have a look at some things you should keep in mind about these little pieces:

  • The right products: Once you have acquired the wig you like the best, you will probably cherish it tremendously. And to make it last for as long as you can, you will need to take care of it properly. Invest in proper care products specifically designed for your wig; human hair wigs will need to use sulfate free products, synthetic ones will need products created for synthetic hair. Research and ask the manufacture about the best products to keep your wig in top shape.
  • Get creative it: You can also customize and style your wig, just as you would with your hair. Add volume or change the texture. You can also use a little product to define the layers; just remember to use products that are safe for your exact wig.
  • Change it up! You can change the hairstyle, wigs are just neutral hair (imagine a canvas) If they are longer, try a ponytail or and updo (sure it will go great with that costume, wink*) If your wig is on the short side, you can do a half up, half down…or use hair accessories! Like a headband or headscarf, for example. The idea here is versatility, don’t get stuck on the same style!
  • Straight or waves? You can use a flat iron to make your wig super sleek and straight, a curling iron to create those beachy natural waves (oh, I didn’t do anything, my hair is just like this) or experiment with a blow dryer to create volume. Just make sure your synthetic wig is “heat friendly”. Some pieces of equipment even have a setting for synthetic wigs.
  • Customize: If you are feeling a bit bolder and want a change, you can even trim the ends out or cut some bangs (who is that sexy dominatrix with the bangs?). If you want to take it a step further, you can even take it to the hair salon so a professional can vamp up the wig and get the most out if it. Just like new! Wink*.
  • A shiny trick: Sometimes synthetic wigs can look too shiny and that can make them look unnatural. A good trick is to sprinkle a little hair powder, dry shampoo or even some baby powder to get rid of that excess shine. Just don’t forget to brush it through to distribute the powder.
  • Fit: As with clothes, the fit is everything. And in the wig world, this also applies. An ill fitted wig can ride up and create a weird excess bump at the crown. A wig that fits properly will not move. In order to get the right one for you, figure out your size before getting one.
  • More color: Don’t be afraid of some color! If you are a brunette and have never been a blonde or a redhead, this is the perfect moment to do so (without the commitment! Wink*). Same goes for blonds trying black or red. What’s more, why not experimenting a little bit with bolder colors like blue or green? This is the time and place.
  • To the aid: It’s a good idea to get two wigs, whether they are the same style or a different one. If you have two, you will always have one to use if you are washing the other one. Besides, rotating between two can extend their lives.
  • Don’t: While it may be tempting if you are playing maid or cooking, never open the oven or boil water if you are wearing a synthetic wig. The sudden heat and steam will cause a huge damage in your wig. It’s better to err on the side of caution, right?

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