3 Fun Ways to Get into Chastity Games

Chastity games have become more popular with every passing year. Most of them are practiced by couples who are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies. Then again, these can be enjoyed by other couples regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Do keep in mind, chastity games are not always easy for beginners to get into. For this reason, some guidance is always welcomed when it comes to this type of fetish. Among BDSM fetishes, chastity games and orgasm control tend to be the most complex. Thought it can be integrated with other sexual encounters or it can be the sex act itself to lead both of you to enjoy an amazing orgasm together…or more! Let’s look at some of the best things to consider when you want to dive into these types of games and how you can make the most out of them with your partner!

1. Start by masturbating to chastity scenes

Before creating a complex sex scene to enjoy with your lover, try masturbating to a certain fetish to see just how much you can get into it. You might discover you enjoy them more than you expected to or you are not into one type of fantasy at all. When it comes to chastity games, you have a variety of erotic videos and sex toys along with accessories to enjoy during a masturbation session. To complete the entire sex scene, bring along your imagination and creativity. You can use chastity belts and even cock cages to see how much you enjoy playing with them before introducing these items to your lover. You could even get creative and add your personal touch to this type of fetish. Chastity games can be a huge turn on for most couples provided both partners understand its kinkiness.

2. Incorporate new sex toys and accessories into your sex life

Sometimes a new fetish or fantasy starts with a sex toy or accessory. The market offers a variety of these items to try out with your lover during your sexual encounters. If you know you are turned on by chastity games, then you can try to get your partner into it. Purchase some interesting sex toys for them to use in connection with this fetish. Chances are you will spark their curiosity and get them curious to find out more about the fetish you are into. Once your lover shows an interest then it is just a matter of time until you can get them to give it a fair try. Before you know it, the two of you will enjoy some naughty chastity games together. In addition, discover new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction as a couple!

3. Practice orgasm control with your partner

Orgasm control is part of the chastity games fetish. But it can be used as a method of foreplay. Once you get used to enjoying orgasm control, you will be ready to move on to the most complex chastity games. Orgasm control goes in both directions. On one hand, you can make your lover have one orgasm after another. Then again, you can make them endure intense sexual stimulation without allowing them to have an orgasm. Don’t set limits your body doesn’t need. Moreover, try to keep an open mind so as to increase the level of your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Either way your sex life goes, no doubt you will have a happy and healthy relationship in the long run.

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