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Best Male Chastity Toys

BDSM enthusiasts have many options to enjoy when it comes to male chastity, especially with regards to different sex toys and accessories. Submissive males and sissies can be stimulated with a variety of devices from chastity belts to cock cages and rings as well as electro stimulating chastity devices. All these be part of a multitude of BDSM scenes to provide an intense sexual experience for both submissives and dominants. However, before choosing what you should start with, here are some tips to help you make up your mind. With so many options available, beginners might feel overwhelmed. So, let’s look at the leading male chastity toys and accessories as well as how can you use them to improve your sexual experiences!

1. Chastity belts

Chastity belts are made of many materials from plastic to steel and even leather or leatherette plus they can have a variety of options and features. Some of them have holes to make it easy for your slave to use the bathroom while others are a nice shade of pink, which is perfect for a sissy male who wants to please their mistress. While wearing such a chastity belt, your slave’s penis becomes hidden and inaccessible. This gives you entire control and power over them. You will enjoy seeing them unable to touch their penis as they get horny under your dominant actions! Kinky or what? The holes in the chastity belt are there for more than just going to the bathroom. Use it to stimulate your slave anally with a nice butt plug of your choice or try several other options according to your sexual preferences.

2. Electro simulating chastity

In essence, Electro stimulating chastity devices do the entire job for you while you enjoy the results. Your submissive partner will simply love these toys and might even become addicted to them. The most popular electro stimulating chastity devices are cock cages. They come with adjustable features so you can set them to fit your boy’s cock and enjoy it while they are wearing them. On the other hand, you can tighten them just a little more so your submissive man will feel just how it is to be a good slave in the hands of a good dominant or mistress. You might even use it to deny your man to orgasm. Cock cages are great for such sexual experiences. So, when you do allow it, they will simply explode to your excitement. It will be more intense than you imagined! Use your imagination and find out how much your slave can take when it comes to not having control over his penis!

3. Urethral sounds chastity

Urethral sounds and penis plugs are becoming more popular as time goes by and this is due to the intense sexual satisfaction they can give to men, especially submissive ones though not necessarily. Urethral sounds are often made of steel but you can find some made of silicone as well. Using one of these is a great way to perform a cock and ball torture session with your slave. They will be more than happy to please you while you have complete access to their intimate parts. The moans a man makes when they are sexually stimulated with a urethral sound are priceless and so exciting. You have to try it!

Now all you have left to do is start with one of these sex toys and see how much your man can take. Most likely, you will end up trying more than one of them to see which one works best for both of you. But if you know what you are looking for, it is going to be easier. Set your mind free and enjoy the intensity of such a sexual experience!

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