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Hidden in Plain Sight: Wearing your Bondage Gear in Public!
Sometimes you just want to continue to wear bondage outside the playroom! The fact you are not playing around the house with your partner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of wearing some bondage.
Fun Ideas for Self-Bondage Games
Orgasm denial can be a lot of fun (more fun than it sounds like, I promise!), whether you are doing it with a partner or on your own. More and more men are getting into it because they have discovered how great it can be, and I don’t blame them! If you have finally decided to take the leap towards it, there are some things you should keep in mind.
Fresh Ways to Experience Your Best Bondage Ever
Bondage and role-play are not just tying someone up or trying to pretend to be somebody else; they are a matter of fantasy and perception (among other things).There are times where a fantasy might look incredible on paper but when you actually get to perform it, it’s actually not that great as it sounded.
Five Little Known Ways to Achieve Incredible Sex
Sex is a normal part of everyday life – however there is no standard for what actually constitutes as ‘normal sex’ or a ‘normal sex life’. The difference between normal sex and incredible sex is highly subjective. In other words it is based entirely on the specific individual.
Live Out Your BDSM Fantasies: Must Try Fresh Bondage Play Scenarios
Bondage play is definitely fun. But sometimes, don’t you feel like you have become stuck on the same route? We can all use a little help in the creative department, so here a few fun ideas to try in bondage play scenario (and keep in mind these are just a few, they are basically infinite).
Complete Guide to Role-Playing with Your Partner
If role-play has been on your mind for a while but you don't know how to approach that fantasy, here is a step-by-step guide to help you a little. I trust both you and your partner will be very happy after following these guidelines.
Why You Want Some Spice in Your Vanilla Sex
Have you ever stood in an ice cream shop and thought to yourself: "I would love to have the most boring and plain flavor in the place" Yeah, me neither. So it makes sense that you wouldn't want to have boring sex, right?
How to Break Out of Your Sex Comfort Zone
Sex should be fun. Sex should be thrilling. Sex should be exciting. Unless your only intention for sexual encounters is procreation, then you should be having one hell of a good time. If you are not, then it's time to change things.
5 Reasons to Consider a Threesome
The biggest fantasy of women is to eat without gaining weight. But since my jeans show that I don't have that answer, we will discuss the biggest fantasy of most men. Threesomes.
Fisting FAQ
The process of one partner putting their hand into the other’s vagina is called fisting. I say «process» because it takes some gradual easing to work the whole hand all the way in. On both sides of the equation, fisting can create thrilling and intense pleasure, well worth the care and effort often needed. For the partner who is taking the fist, having the hand of your lover fill you up likely will be super-sensual and arousing. As for the fister, what an exhilarating sensation to watch as your hand disappears at the wrist into your lover’s body. *g*
Fetish Checklist

You already know I’m a kinky bitch (and I use that in the most endearing way! *haha*), but how much do you know about your lover and how much does your lover know about you?

Ok, I know you’ve got some deliciously sexy and kinky thoughts running through your head right now, but does your lover know? Then how will they be able to satisfy all those deep desires? Too hard to bring up in conversation? Yup, I hear you.

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