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Adding Kama Sutra to your life
I think everyone loves to experiment occasionally when it comes to sex. Even if you consider yourself somewhat non-adventurous, sometimes you just want to try something different. So, have you given a thought about trying Kama Sutra?
Best Sex Positions for First-timers
The first time you have sex with someone new is extremely exciting. It could even be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. So, it is only natural for you to want it to be incredible.
Celebrate Christmas in BDSM Style!
Christmas is an important holiday for many people around the world but within the BDSM community, this holiday can be celebrated so much more intense and with much more sexual excitement.
Christmas Gift Ideas for the Naughtiest People on Your List
Last Christmas, you gave her your heart but the very next day, she gave it away. How about this year, to save you from tear, give her something really special... like a ball gag or an inflatable dildo.
10 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas – And Dirty Tricks To Stick With Them
It’s almost time to kiss 2019 goodbye and say hello to the brand new year of 2020. And, aside from the endless Christmas parties and oozing holiday sex nights, another thing that keeps most of us busy is making a mental note of our New Year’s resolution.
Orgasm 101 – What is Trigasm and How to Achieve It
You heard most likely of a lot of types or orgasms and you probably tried reaching as many of them as possible. But if you are past multiple orgasms, anal orgasms and other types of orgasms, you are ready for the ultimate type of orgasm called Trigasm.
Things you Should Know about Threesome before Engaging in One
We live in a world where more and more couples are engaging in occasional threesomes. You may have thought about doing one with your partner, but don’t know if it is hard to find that third member for it.
21st Century Modern Dating – Meeting People through Dating Apps
Dating in this day and age is quite something; the Internet definitely dominates the dating scene and has definitely changed how partners meet each other.
Tips to Improve Your First Encounter with Your New Partner for a Great Sex Experience
The first time you have sex with a new partner, it’s usually a very intense experience; it also tends to be a bit nerve wracking, because you don’t know each other very well, so you don’t really know what to expect.
How to Use a Spreader Bar
The BDSM community is formed of a variety of fetishes and sexual practices, some more exciting than others. These practices depend on BDSM enthusiasts and can be rather subjective most of the time. That is why sex toys and accessories are made to match a multitude of preferences and particular sexual fantasies that individuals might have regardless to their gender or sexual orientation.
Top 3 Ways to Rock Your First BDSM Night
The BDSM community has a variety of fetishes and fantasies for you and your lover to enjoy on your first kinky night together. Beginners to bondage and other BDSM practices might find it overwhelming to enjoy such sex games.
How to Change Your Sexual Routine
Sexual routine is a problem that many couples have to face, especially when we talk about long terms relationships. But luckily, there are cures for this issue and the sooner you start fixing this problem, the better will be for your relationship and sexual life.
Understanding Subspace
You may have probably heard this term mentioned several times before, but it’s really important to understand it fully if you are going to have a BDSM relationship, or even just a BDSM related experience.
Best Reasons to Try Tantric Sex
If there is something in this world surrounded by plenty of myths, then it is tantric sex. Many people don’t really know much about it and consider it an obscure, freaky practice. But in reality, this has less to do with weird sex and more to do with spiritualist activities to make you attain nirvana.
The Best Positions for First Time Sexual Encounters
No one ever said first time’s the charm. Truth be told, first times tend to be quite messy, imperfect and not what you expected at all. But if you ask me this could be part of the charm.
The Benefits of Group Sex
Group sex might get very exciting, but it is not so easy to decide to try out such an experience, especially if you are rather shy and introverted as a person. But you should really overcome these aspects because a good session of group sex can bring you a lot of benefits, some of them that you didn’t even consider!
Best Ways to Explore Touchless Sex
Touchless sex is one of the more exciting ways of reaching sexual satisfaction without having actual physical sexual intercourse. It can stimulate your imagination more than any other kind of sexual encounter and can challenge every experience you have ever had.
Here’s Why You Should Try Tantric Sex
Tantric sex is something you have probably heard about before. But you are probably a bit intimidated to try it. I don’t blame you, it does sound quite scary. But in reality, it is not as scary as it sounds. Tantric sex is a great way to try something new with your partner.
Guide to Flirting Through Text for Beginners
Texting is one of the most utilized forms of communication nowadays. It is also one way to continue your flirting activities with someone you desire. This is also a good way to build up your connection to them and maintain your relationship even when you can’t see each other.
3 Fun Roleplay Scenarios You Need to Try Now!
Roleplays are great for any couple who wants an intense sex life and exciting sexual encounters when things start to get dull in their bedroom. After some years in a relationship, and sometimes even sooner for some, a sexual routine can settle in.
Crazy Sex Positions You Should Try at least Once
If you are looking to take your sex positions to next level, then you have come to the right place. For some people it might a case of boredom or staleness in the bedroom. They feel the action has gotten a bit predictable.
Exciting Places to Have Sex At
Sexual encounters are even more exciting when they are experienced in awkward places. You don’t have to limit your sex life only to your bed when there are so many options to enjoy a good orgasm.
6 Sexual Positions You Probably Didn’t Know About
Despite the arsenal of bondage gear, rubber clothing, whips and chains, sex toys, erotic mind games and rope burns constituting BDSM sex-play, there is still room for good old-fashioned sexual intercourse.
7 Types of Gears for BDSM Play
BDSM is a sexual sport requiring a disrespectable wardrobe and, more importantly, a wide range of accessories. Hence, it doesn’t pack light. The following is a summarized list of BDSM gears couples may want to stock in their adult toy box.

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