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Best Ways to Work on Your Femininity

Having both female and male energies is necessary in order to have some balance in life. You might consider these like yin and yang. But recent times have placed a lot of emphasis on being gender neutral and while it is all fine and dandy, it can also make it harder to retain what comes naturally for you. Since masculine energy is often more favored; the female side tends to remain hidden. Hence, more and more women these days take on masculine duties and lose themselves in their roles. So when it is time to decompress they don’t really know how to connect with their lost feminine side.

Femininity is a big gift and we should all be proud of it. Female energy encompasses things like caring and compassion, so embracing this energy will make you kinder, nicer, compassionate and lovable. It allows you to be open to new things and more vulnerable. Bear mind, this is a good thing. This energy also helps make the perfect environment for relationships to grow and allows us to bond with each other better. After all, the female side is closely related to giving life and nature in general.

This also makes you more self-aware and in turn allows you to know yourself better. Knowing who you are is extremely important to being a self realized human being. Hence, it is one of the many reasons why you should never neglect your feminine side.

However, some might take this the wrong way. But bear in mind, embracing your femininity doesn’t mean you are reverting back to the 1950’s or the 20th century where women weren’t able to do as many things as they can do now. Indeed, this is not about undoing the work so many women have done before you. The point is you shouldn’t be ashamed of your femininity…after all, this is what being a woman is about! You just need to connect with your real self and who you are inside.

For some reason there is a lot of pressure on women and how they should do it all. A woman should have a demanding job, be an attentive partner, raise the kids, clean up the house, cook and look perfect while doing all these things. But no one can do everything by themselves. So don’t be afraid to delegate. Rest assured you are not going to look weak if you ask for some help. If you need help carrying something heavy, don’t hesitate to ask for masculine help! After all, they are stronger, physically, so let them be of some use wink*

You should also do whatever it takes to look your best: whether it is waking up 15 minutes earlier to put your makeup on nicely, blow dry your hair, putting on a skirt or getting a haircut every three months. Go ahead and do whatever feels good for you. Moreover, do whatever makes you feel the best about yourself and your appearance.

Another way to foster your feminine side is to engage in activities to encourage this energy to come out. Being around other women like on a girl’s night is a perfect example of this. On the other hand, you can be on your own and do something creative. You can paint, knit or write. It is also a good idea take up a photography class for as long as it is an activity where your creativity shines through.

Last but not the least, be confident and feel secure about yourself. Being a woman makes you great. So own it and be proud about it! When you embrace your femininity you will do things to make you feel great, thus sending your confidence through the roof. So when someone compliments you, simply nod, smile, say thanks and move forward with your awesome life.

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