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Essential Flirting Tips Every Guy Should Know

Being the right kind of flirt can be very beneficial to your love life. If you know how to charm girls the right way, you already won half of the battle. Letting your personality stand out is the key but, you should also use some tips when it comes to flirting. You can learn to master those tips, so your flirting game improves significantly: the sky will be the limit once you learn how to do them properly.

Most women love it when the guy approaches them first, so they are waiting for you to make the first move. This can put you in a tough position (more if you are shy) and hey, I get it: no one likes to be rejected. But you can’t let this stop you from entering the game. If you approach her respectfully, you have good chances. If she is not interested, she will simply find a way to retract herself from the situation. You will have to be very rude and annoying for a woman to outright reject you. If she turns out to benot interested, don’t take it personally; maybe she didn’t feel the chemistry, or she is not in the mood, or she wants someone else, etc. There are other women out there!

In order to approach a woman, you may want to test the waters first. The best way to do this is by making eye contact: stare at her until she looks at you, maintain that eye contact for two seconds, throw a little smile and look away. If she is interested she will probably smile back and look at you again, giving you the green light to approach her. As for the smile, it doesn’t hurt to practice on your own in front of a mirror. Learning your best angles, mastering a smile that feels natural will be key for you.

If she gave you the green light or you have exchanged several smiles and eye contact, it is time to approach her. Don’t wait too long or make a big deal out of it, simply move towards her and say, “Hello, I am___. What’s your name?” A simple ‘hello’ will do, so don’t over think this.

When you are talking to her and the conversation is in full swing, pay attention to what she is saying. This means you should listen attentively and ask follow up questions. Showing you are interested in what she has to say is key to winning her heart. Note and remember things she has said before; this should be something obvious, but sometimes men tend to forget how important this is. You should also keep smiling and looking at her throughout the whole interaction, give her your full attention. You can also show off a little humor, girls love it! Do not start looking too serious, she may get the impression you are bored to be with her. You should always be engaged in the conversation, so find ways to show this to her.

You should also incorporate some touches while you are talking. And yes, nice, subtle and gentle touches; you don’t want to come up as a creep. There are many ways to do this: you can ask her about her necklace and touch her neck or compliment her bracelet while you touch her hand. If she is sitting next to you let your legs touch. And don’t let the opportunity pass: if you are crossing the street, hold her hand and help her cross; similarly, put your hand in the small of her back to guide her through a door or a crowd.

If the chemistry is nice and you two like each other, you should take the lead and make follow up plans. If she mentions she loves theater, ask her out to see a play next Friday. She casually mentions she follows baseball? Propose to get some tickets to the next game. The most important thing here is that you should be specific and name a date, otherwise you will decrease your chances of seeing her again. Remember, you already passed half of the struggle, increase your chance of winning her heart.

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