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How to Use a Penis Pump Safely & Correctly for Bigger is Better

Penis pumps are commonly used by men who suffer from ED; it’s great for those who want to increase their penis size circumference and size. Pumps are plastic or glass tubes that basically create a vacuum; this pumping will cause air pressure to decrease and as a result, the penis will swell, enlarge and remain in that position longer. It will also create new cells in the penile tissue, so good on all sides wink*.

So, if you’re interested, it’s really easy to use. First, you must put the tube around the penis. Then, you will need to remove the air from the device by pumping it to create the vacuum needed for this to work. You can time the pumping set; keep in mind beginners should use the pump for max 15 minutes. After you’ve been using it for more than three months, you can slowly start to build up and increase your time. You will have to be careful about the pressure you’re putting on it, don’t ever go pass your limits and the instructions and warnings of the device. And keep in mind you should let fresh blood flow into the penis every 10-15 minutes, so reduce the pressure every once in a while.

If you want, you can use some lubricant to avoid chaffing. Some men can find the pump irritates the skin and as that area is incredibly sensitive, you may want to tale precautions. Lubrication will help with the friction, so if it’s uncomfortable, go ahead and use some.

And as they say, variety is the spice of life. And pumps are no exception. You can find manual and electrical pumps, each providing different sensations. The manual devices have a pumping mechanism that created the vacuum inside the cylinder. On the other hand, mechanical ones have batteries and they have a mechanism that creates the pressure automatically with a start button.

But remember beginners should probably start with hand operated pumps to get used the sensations and help reduce possible damages and risks. When you’ve doing it for a while, you can graduate to electrical pumps if you want to try something different. But remember: everything in it’s own time. Start easy and slow; don’t ever over pump or pump with a high pressure levels. As with many great things, pumps are great, but safety first! Wink*.

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