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Advanced Penis Pump Techniques

There are some techniques that can enhance and make your penis pumping experience even better, such as:

Pulse pumping: You can vary different pressure levels when you are pumping to stimulate the augmentation of the penis tissue and the creation of new cells. The idea is, during the session, you will vary between different pressure levels. For instance, you can start with 5 in Hg (the hardest one), stay there for one minute, and then lower it gradually. Afterwards, quickly go back to the high level where you started and repeat the process a few times. This technique helps improve blood circulation and will give the penis quite a work out.
    Milk the tube: This technique resembles a lot something you may have done a few times in your life: masturbation wink*. You will move the cylinder up and down during the pumping; do it slowly and smoothly, don’t ever do it forcefully! You should aim to milk the penis in 5 to 7 minutes for it to acclimate.
      Wrapping: If you are looking to increase the blood flow wrapping it’s great for it. You will need to wrap the tube with a heating device, something like an electric healing pad. It’s not recommended for you to leave it on for long periods of time because the cylinder heats up really fast. And obviously you don’t want anything too hot that can cause burns on your penis, right?
        Shakes: This technique will stimulate your nerve endings and erections. The idea is for you to put the cylinder on your erect penis; the longer the penis is in the cylinder, the harder (no pun intended) will be to get an erection. You can shake the cylinder up and down by rocking your hips. Don’t put too much pressure and vary the intensity of the shakes.

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