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Tips to Safely Adjust Penis Pump Inflation

Penis pumps are great for men who want to treat erectile dysfunction or simply want to augment the overall size of their penis. When you get a device, you want to keep in mind to always get one that correctly fits your particular penis. This means you should measure your penis beforehand so you know what cylinder size to get. Not getting the right size, either too big or too small, can put you at risk of serious injury and/or create damage to your member…I don’t want to scare you, but it’s true. You should also remember to follow the instructions at the back of the device…Or read the safety manual, at least wink*.

Now, probably the most immediate cause of concern with pumping is over pumping. If you pump for too long and put too much pressure, you can cause serious injuries. Some men mistakenly believe if they pump for longer than it’s recommended or apply too much pressure, they will get better results, but it’s actually the opposite. Gradual pumping it’s actually a better technique; so this means you should be really careful when you’re using a penis pump.

When you put on the cylinder, be careful about how long you will wear it. As you can sometimes lose track of time, it’s probably for the best to actually time the minutes you’re pumping in order to never go beyond the recommended time.

If you’re starting out, never pump more than twice a day and never for longer than 30 minutes. After three months, you can graduate to more time with it…but only if you feel comfortable about it! You can continue with sessions that last about one hour to one hour and a half. If you’ve been pumping for some time and feel you want to take it up a notch, you can always do sessions that last 2 to 3 hours, but only if you feel like it and you are and advanced user.

Another thing to keep in mind is to take breaks. You will have to do it often; it’s recommended for you to take 3 to 5 minute breaks every 15 minutes. If you are doing it with very low pumping levels, you can extend it to breaks every 30 minutes. Those breaks will help relieve the air pressure in your member and will improve blood flow as well… and you can apply manual pressure, stretch and massage the area too wink*.

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