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3 Hot Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

Anal sex is a type of sexual intercourse many couples would consider fantastic, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.So, as you delve into the amazing world of anal sex, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the experience!


5 Ways to Enjoy Your Lube Even More

Lube can make your sexual encounter more enjoyable! Introducing some lube in the game can make it possible for you to consider certain sex positions and BDSM scenes you would not dare try before!


Adventuring Down Below: A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Play

Anal sex and anal play can be a sensitive subject for some. A majority of people are afraid to think about it, let alone try it! So, what is so great about anal play?


Bigger IS Better! Using a Penis Pump Safely & Correctly

Penis pumps are commonly used by men who suffer from ED; it’s great for those who want to increase their penis size circumference and size.


How to Choose the Right Lubricant

Some women think their wetness indicates their level of arousal, and if they are not wet, there is something wrong with them. Rest assured—n one of this is true.


Little Black YES! Your Latex Aftercare Questions Answered!

Chances are the first time you try to shine your piece, it will look shiny for a few moments but it will then lose it; but fear not, the shine will increase every time you polish and shine your piece because latex will retain the shine in its pores.


Squeaky Clean Fun - How to Clean Your Latex Gear

As you may be aware, you will have to clean your latex goods fairly often in order to maintain and prolong the pieces life expectancy. Besides, you want to practice good hygiene and clean your pieces every time you wear them, of course.


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