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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Lube Even More

A lubricant is great to use every now and then. Sometimes it is a must to have it in your sexual arsenal because it is practical on so many levels. In fact, lube can make your sexual encounter more enjoyable! Introducing some lube in the game can make it possible for you to consider certain sex positions and BDSM scenes you would not dare try before!

1. During masturbation

Believe it or not, a lube can be your best friend when it comes to self-loving encounters. Whether you masturbate with or without a vibrator, the addition of lube will heighten the pleasure in either case. Moreover, give you an incredible sensation of softness and excitement every time you touch your intimate parts. It changes the whole experience and makes the end more enjoyable. No doubt, you can use all the help you can get when it comes to masturbation if you want to reach sexual satisfaction and feel intense pleasure.

2. During vaginal intercourse

Vaginal intercourse can be tricky because natural wetness is not always present. However, using lube in particular at the start of your sexual encounter can do miracles for both parties involved. It will help make it easier for things to fall into place so the encounter becomes more enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to grab your lube when you are planning an intense love making session or even when you are just aiming for a quickie. It works fine in both cases. It is guaranteed no one will be disappointed using it.

3. During anal intercourse

Lube is a must when it comes to anal intercourse or stimulation. No ifs or buts about it. Rest assured you will appreciate the effect of a quality lubricant when you are on the one receiving end of anal sex, likewise, if you are the one performing it on your partner. But it is not only during these cases when it comes in handy. Lube is great for anal stimulation together with different toys like anal beads, dildos or prostate stimulators with regards to the men. In fact, you can incorporate some lube into a lot of scenarios. Most of the time, it can really make all the difference.

4. During a sex massage

A sex massage is a great way to seduce your partner without having actual sexual intercourse. It can be extremely intense and satisfying. But if you are aiming for a happy ending over and above the relaxing effect, then some lube might do the trick for you. The right amount of lube on your partner’s intimate parts can deliver an intense sensual experience for both of you and a great orgasm will be coming before you know it.

5. Inside the condom

If you or your partner is not a big fan of using condoms, then as efficient as they might be at times, lube is a nice trick for the man in the relationship who has to “endure” wearing the protective accessory. Condoms are very useful but can be uncomfortable. While it helps to choose the right style and size, lube can be the final touch to make all the difference. Adding a bit of lube inside the condom before putting it on, can help increase sensitivity and make it feel more natural for the guy as opposed to feeling the condom’s latex material on the skin. Thus, a man might even feel as if he is not wearing any condom at all. It can make him more confident in his sexual moves and become more excited during the sex act. So, go ahead and give it a try to see how wonderful it feels for you. No doubt, you will keep using it all the time from now on.

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